Dent Cure Uncategorized What can you expect while opting for Dental Implant Treatment in Mulund?

What can you expect while opting for Dental Implant Treatment in Mulund?

  • Do you feel shy due to your missing teeth while smiling?
  • Do you want a permanent solution for this?
  • Well, “dental implant” can help you to have a permanent solution.


So, do you have any idea what you can expect during your dental implant treatment in Mulund?

Many people in Mulund do not even know what a dental implant is. So, let us start with a brief discussion about dental implant treatment.

In simple words, dental implants are prosthetic teeth roots. It is a screw-like post made with metal that we fix surgically. After setting the base in your gum, we place a crown on it in the second session.

Generally, your tooth has two parts one is the root, and over the root, it is the crown. When you experience a damaged or missing tooth, there are many treatments like a dental bridge available for you. But no one is permanent other than this dental implant.

So, when do we recommend dental implant treatment?

Like any other surgical treatment, a dental implant also requires proper preparation. We recommend the procedure only when you are a suitable person to have the treatment. If you are going for a dental implant, we will check whether you have sufficient bones to support the implant or not.

Followings are the situation when we advise you to avail of the treatment.
Suppose you are experiencing severe cavity and tooth decay. Hence, there is no other way than extracting the damaged tooth. As a result, it will create a gap after the extraction. It will help you to cover this gap permanently.

If you have lost your tooth due to a sudden accident.
If any crooked tooth is creating a problem with your oral health.

So, now that you have understood that when we can recommend dental implant treatment, let us focus on the treatment procedure in Mulund.

Our dental implant treatment includes the following steps-

Pre-surgery diagnosis-

At your first appointment, we will understand your dental problem. We will undergo a thorough examination of your jaw, teeth, and gum; if required, we may advise you for a full mouth X-ray.

While doing the examination, if we find any damaged tooth or broken tooth, or any missing tooth, we will advise you to avail yourself of dental implant surgery.
The X-ray will help us to understand the scope of successful surgery.


First session-

During your surgery, we will apply local anaesthesia into your gum. It will help you to ease the pain. Then we will cut your gum to observe your bone. The metal implant will be fixed on your jaw bone.

Then it comes the time for drilling in your jaw bone. The size of your bone drilling depends on your requirements. While doing this, we will take care of your nerves and surrounding tissues also so that the technique does not hamper you.

Now, when putting the metal implant is total, we will fix the implant screw.
Once the fixing of a titanium implant is complete on your jaw bone, we will close the area using your gum tissue.

Finally, we will stitch the surrounding tissues and put a healing cap on the implanted post. The stitch will help you to hold your new dental implant in the proper place of your gum.

Second session-

It will take a few months to recover the area of your operation. After having full confidence that everything is perfect with your dental implant and your gum, we will fix the crown on your dental implant. The dental crown is the upper part of an artificial tooth.

After the completion of the treatment, we will provide you required touch-ups for correction. These correctional sessions will help you to get an aesthetic appearance.

Dental implant surgery is not so critical. You can go back to your home on the same day. You need to follow our prescription and adequately take all the medicines.

In case you experience any complications after the completion of your surgery, you should contact us. We will provide you with the proper remedy.

So, book your appointment for a consultation now.

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