Dent Cure Uncategorized What can you expect during your visit to a dental clinic in Mulund?

What can you expect during your visit to a dental clinic in Mulund?

People in Mulund, Mumbai, experience different types of dental issues. The unhealthy food habit of Mulund people is the leading cause of their oral problems. So, searching for an excellent dental clinic comes at the top of their priority list.

Whenever you need to visit a dental clinic, a common question arises in your mind: what to expect.

So, let us find out what to expect during your dental session.

If you want to visit the dental clinic in Mulund, please make a prior appointment. Manage your regular work accordingly and call us on the date of the grant.

Generally, we provide a thorough consultation on the very first day about your dental issues. During this consultation session, we will ask you a few questions related to your treatment. It would help if you answered those questions; it will help us provide you the proper solution.

If you require any further sessions, your dentist will ask you for the same.
The things you can expect on your first visit to the dental clinic in Mulund are as follows-

  • Proper examination- Whatever the issue you are experiencing, having a formal diagnosis is compulsory to begin the treatment. Usually, look into your oral health and ask you specific questions about your problem. The questions include the symptoms, time duration, any history of dental issues, etc.
  • Tests- If it requires, we may recommend you to undergo a few tests as well. It can include collecting samples from your gum and teeth as well.
  • X-rays- If it requires, we can ask you to make a few x-ray reports of your teeth, gum, and bones.
    After having all the essential information about your oral health with us, we can prepare the treatment plan accordingly.

So, what to expect in your routine visits?

During your routine visit, we directly start with the examination to understand the condition of your teeth. Then we begin with our treatment. Here, we use professional equipment for your regular teeth cleaning treatment.
This equipment helps us to clean plaque and tartar from your teeth. Along with this, we provide floss treatment between your teeth as well. All these procedures allow you to maintain your good oral hygiene.

Having an X-ray done once in a year is an excellent way to understand the situation of your gums, teeth, and bones. We also advise the same to our patients.

Is there anything you should expect after the session?

Well, generally, you will not need to worry about anything after the treatment. We will provide you with all the follow-up medications. But if you experience any further problem, you must inform us about the problem.

If we see that you need a follow-up session, we will advise you the same.
However, we advise you to have regular teeth cleaning sessions every six months.

Now, let us see the treatments available with us-
Whatever the problem you have developed, we have the solution. But we recommend the proper treatment only after a prior examination. Followings are the list of few treatments at our clinic.

  • Primary teeth are loading- It is an innovative procedure that can give you teeth in seventy-two hours.
  • Dental implants- It helps in treating your missing teeth problem. You will get a permanent metal root with a prosthetic crown.
  • Braces- To fix your crooked and misaligned teeth, nothing is better than braces. We provide traditional metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and invisible braces for your treatment.
  • Cosmetic dentistry- If you are looking for a treatment to improve your appearance, then cosmetic dentistry is the best option for you.
  • Teeth whitening- It helps to clean your teeth and gum and brings back the pearl white color.
  • Root canal- A root canal is the most effective treatment to eliminate any infection in your root.
  • Pediatric dentistry- It is the treatment that benefits your child’s oral health.
    To know more about our treatment, book an appointment with us now.

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