Dent Cure Blogs The Hard Truth About Gum Disease in Mulund, Mumbai

The Hard Truth About Gum Disease in Mulund, Mumbai

If you live in Mulund, Mumbai, you may be surprised to know that you are prone to develop gum diseases than people who do not live in Mumbai.

Now the questions may arise in your mind that why so? And what will you do if you develop gum disease?

Well, the dental clinic in Mulund, Mumbai, can help you to answer your questions. If you live in Mumbai and develop any teeth or gum problem, you should visit our dental clinic in Mulund.

So, what is Gum Disease?

Gum disease denotes a condition where you suffer from red, swollen, or inflamed gums. It may be a serious issue if it bleeds while you brush. You may experience severe pain that can be due to a particular type of infection in your gum.

So, what is the reason behind these issues?

There are many reasons available that can result in gum diseases. These reasons are as follows-

  • You may develop tartar and plaque on your teeth, which are sticky substances around your teeth. It creates a breeding ground for various bacteria. Hence, this bacterium leads to inflammation and infections in your gum. The early stages of gum diseases are known as gingivitis. It requires proper treatment as fast as possible. If not treated properly, then it can progress into Periodontal disease.
  • You may have to experience missing teeth due to this periodontal disease. Hence, the missing teeth will result in numerous health problems.
  • You may suffer from a variety of gum diseases due to high glucose levels in your blood.
  • Your poor heart health can also lead you to gum disease.
  • Again, diseases like stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s can affect your teeth and gum rigorously and result in gum disease.

So, how you solve the issue?

Well, you need to maintain a healthy oral care regime.

  • Brush regularly at least twice a day.
  • Use floss to clean between your teeth.
  • Use a mouthwash daily to avoid bacterial growth.
  • Chew sugar-free gums regularly.
  • Have a routine visit to your dentist at least twice a year.

Why is Gum Disease high in Mumbai?

Gum diseases occur mainly as a consequence of poor oral hygiene. Unhealthy food habits like overindulging in fast food, junk food, and sweets are another reason. All these food products are harmful to your digestive system.

Your body releases more acids than average to digest these unhealthy foods. Eventually, this acid reflux damages your teeth and gum.

We have seen that the consumption of harmful pan masalas and gutkha, and other chewing breath fresheners are hazardous to your health. These things not only lead to gingivitis; these can lead to complicated situations like oral cancers. Researchers have found a positive correlation between your gum disease and all these chewing mouth fresheners.

Again, smoking is another thing that damages your oral health. The intoxicated ingredients of smoking hamper the natural pearly colour of your teeth.

Even the habit of people in Mumbai is responsible for their gum disease. Though Mumbai is a metropolitan city and many dental clinics are available here, people do not avail of regular check-up sessions. It is due to their ignorance.

The higher level of pollution and a stressful lifestyle is again working as a slow poison to your oral health.

Most of you do not even know that regular brushing and flossing cannot give you the deep cleaning and oral check-up as your dentist.

How can Dentcure dental clinic help you? 

Dentcure Dental clinic is one of the most trusted dental service providers in Mulund, Mumbai. We have served numerous patients with gum disease with a hundred percent success.

All our treatments are easily affordable and customized according to your requirements. Our services we provide to protect and cure you of gum disease include-

  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental implant
  • Deep cleaning
  • Oral examination
  • Curettage
  • Flap surgery
  • Flap surgery with bone grafting
  • Depigmentation
  • Root coverage
  • Splinting

If you are suffering from teeth and gum issues or, in severe cases, gum disease, contact us to avail the most appropriate treatment.

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