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Polishing Of Your Teeth

In this trending era of social media you click a lot of pictures and post it, but this again can be affected by your yellow teeth.
Your yellow teeth may be caused due to dental plaques which are hidden in places where your brush cannot reach. And simultaneously you might have dental problems like gum diseases.

What can be done for that?r46, but if they also fail.
What can be done next?
Then you should consider scaling and polishing of your teeth.
What happens to your teeth after scaling and polishing?

What Is Scaling?
Scaling is a dental procedure done to help patients with gum diseases and excessive plaque buildup. It removes the plaque and tartar that builds up in the gum line.

Why Is Scaling Necessary?
If you have a prolonged gum disease then scaling is necessary otherwise it can lead to bone loss.

How Often Should The Procedure Be Done?
It is the dentist who should decide the number of times the procedure should be done. Most dentist recommends to do it at least twice in a year, but if you maintain your oral hygiene once a year will be sufficient.

Will It Be Painful?
If you have exterior tartar deposits, then the procedure may not be painful. If you have internal deposits in the gum then you would be given local anesthesia by the dentist before the procedure.

What is Polishing?
Polishing is the procedure to remove stains and make your teeth shiny and smooth. It is mostly done after scaling.

Why Is Polishing Necessary?
It helps in removing the stains that the plaque deposits have left out. It also removes the stains that are left over by other food.

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