Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Dent Cure Full Mouth Rehabilitation

• DENTCURE is one stop solution for broken,missing,fractured teeth to help you chew better and bring the confidence back in your smile.

• Certain cases may be present with multiple dental problems which may require a planned systematic approach to get long lasting results.

• Being equipped with all facilities and armamentarium complex cases which may require multiple root canals,gum surgery,dental implants,crown and bridges work to get good results can be done in-house at Dentcure Dental Clinics in Mulund,Mumbai.


Get fixed teeth in 3 days:
Oral disorders and mouth ulcers:
Dentcure has an in-house oral medicine and diagnostician to help you diagnose complex oral diseases.

Dentcure manages:

  • Management of non-healing,recurring oral ulcers.
  • Daignosis of repeated oral swellings,white or red spots inside the mouth or on face.
  • Management of burning sensation in the mouth or dry mouth.
  • Management of sharp,shooting oro-facial pain radiating to jaw(neuralgias).
  • Management of jaw pain/tmj pain.
  • Daignosis and preliminary management of oral cancer.