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Conscious About Your Smile

Smile Designing

A smile expresses more than a million words can, it can be comforting and consoling. It is a major part of the first impression that you leave on those you meet. When you shy away from smiling because you are self conscious, you give people reasons to not approach you.

But you don’t have to shy away anymore. You can rid yourself of the self consciousness and hesitation of smiling by a treatment known as smile designing. Continue reading if you think this could be your solution.

What is smile designing?

A dental procedure that corrects and creates natural looking smiles, artistically. Regardless of the state of your existing teeth, smile designs can work miracles to restore the appearance you are dissatisfied with, or that is damaged due to age or accident.

What does the dentist do?

You meet with the doctor and the impression of your teeth is taken to make a set of study models. Prospect changes on the model are made and you meet the doctor again to evaluate the model and discuss the resulting changes to determine if the treatment works.

The dentist will perform a tooth re-contouring to even out your smile and create a more symmetrical look. Your old crowns may be replaced with new type full porcelain crowns with no metal underneath.

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